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An Interview With Writer/Producer Claudia Pickering


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Claudia Pickering runs the blog thedarclaud which is about her creative endeavors. She is the producer and star of the video The Sebring which stars Danny Trejo. Here is a link to her blog:


Q:  What inspired you to start your blog?

A: As a foreigner (I’m Australian), I was looking for a way to display my work so that I had a record for myself and my friends here and overseas. I felt like a blog was a good way to have my work available without shoving it down my friends’ throats and also a great way to quickly direct new acquaintances to my stuff. And San Francisco being such a tech city, it only felt appropriate. And I wanted business cards. With spot gloss.

Q:  What is your strangest LA story?

A: Although running naked (except for Reeboks) across the desert with my…

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How it all started

In 2011, Claudia Pickering and Anna Bennett co-wrote the pilot episode of a TV show they had conceived, Dead Broke having already written a feature-length screenplay of the same title and premise. The pilot episode was crowd funded and shot in early 2012 in Los Angeles.

Owner of LFL Entertainment, Lance Harness saw the Dead Broke project, loved it, and set the ball rolling as Executive Producer for the feature film version.

… But it needed refining.

After several significant re-writes and shifts in premise while she was back in Australia, Pickering finally emerged with a new script: “Winning Formula”

In early 2013 LFL Entertainment gathered a stellar cast and crew, completing the production phase of the project through the month of April.